Serious Stuff

Our rules on force free training.

Have a Good Dog is a force-free dog training school. We expect everyone attending to respect our ethos of kind, reward-based training and treat all dogs kindly, without anger or causing fear or pain.

We want to see happy, relaxed dogs, even if they don’t always get things right in the learning process. We ask that you do not use any of the following in our classes:

• Smacking or scruffing
• Screaming and shouting
• Alpha rolls (pinning down)
• Hip nudges, body jabs
• Prong collars, check collars, spray collars, electric shock collars
• Slip leads
• Rattle/shake cans
• Water pistols
• Anything else deliberately intended to cause fear or pain

Our team is on hand to discuss training methods and equipment and the potential welfare issues surrounding using physical punishment when training dogs.