Puppy Classes

Give your puppy the best start with our great classes.

Enrolling in our Little Learners puppy class offers numerous benefits for your puppy and you. Meeting other dogs and people during our weekly lessons, as well as participating in confidence-building activities using kind, reward-based methods will help your puppy become a well-adjusted family pet.

With a clinical animal behaviourist conducting the sessions, you will get advice on common puppy challenges like chewing, biting and barking, and you can contact Vicky in between your weekly lessons with any training or behaviour questions. Our support and advice help prevent behaviour issues from developing as your puppy grows. You will receive supporting handouts to refer to throughout your training.

Participating in the class together can strengthen the bond between you and your puppy, and you can progress your training by moving up into our follow-on and all-stars courses. These courses build on the skills you and your puppy achieved in the little learner’s course.

At the successful completion of each course, you can receive the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Good Companion Awards (a certificate and rosette)

Our classes will lay the foundation for a confident and happy dog.

Puppy Classes in County Durham

Little Learners Puppy Class

Little Learners

Our six-week Little Learners is for fully vaccinated pups aged under 24 weeks at the start of the course. The course will give you the skills to have a rewarding and happy relationship with your new canine friend.

Behaviour Training

Little Learners Follow On

This course is designed for dogs under twelve months of age who have completed our Little Learners Puppy Training Course. It spans five weeks, with each lesson being 45 minutes long & take training to the next level.

Behaviour Training

All Star Course

This course is designed for dogs that have already completed our Little Learners puppy course and Follow on Course or have had at least one private training session with us. The course is limited to four dogs.

Lyndon Little Learners Puppy Class Graduate
Puppy Class Graduate Durham
Archie Little Learners Puppy Graduate
Lucky Little Learner Puppy Class
Bonnie Puppy Class Graduate
Romeo Foundation Good Companion Award

Puppy Class FAQS

Where are the classes held?

We hold classes on Sundays at Lanchester. We will travel to you for one-to-one private training.

Can I pay for the course on a week-by-week attendance basis?

We require payment for the course in advance. This policy helps us ensure the smooth running of the classes and allows us to provide the best training experience for your dog.

Can I bring the family, and we all train our dog in the class?

Yes, your family is more than welcome to attend the class and take turns training your dog. However, to avoid confusing your dog, we ask that only one person trains your dog on the training floor at any time.

I want to train my other dogs at the same time. Can I bring my other dog/s to the class and train them together?

For the safety and comfort of all participants, we have a one handler/one dog policy for the training class. We recommend separate classes for dogs from the same household. If you wish to bring dogs from the same household to the class with separate handlers, that is fine, although it may inhibit learning if they are in the same lesson.

My dog is aggressive towards other people/dogs. Should I bring them to training classes?

If your dog has already learned to behave aggressively around other people and dogs, it is unlikely that a class will solve this type of problem. You could be inadvertently putting your dog into a situation that they find stressful, and this can make the problem worse. They will be very close to other dogs and people they do not know. A very anxious dog in a class is unlikely to learn anything constructive. Teaching your dog to relax and focus on yourself around dogs and people away from the class would be more beneficial. You would need to book a behaviour consultation. We must consider your pet's safety and well-being and other pet owners in the class. If your dog is behaving aggressively, we will arrange a behaviour consultation.

Can I attend a class even if I haven't enrolled?

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and we do this before the course commences. If you have not registered, you should not attend with your dog. If you want to come along and watch a class without participating, perhaps because you have yet to decide whether to enrol, we would be happy to see you, but please do not bring your dog.

My dog is not well. Should I still come to class?

You should seek veterinary advice regarding bringing your dog to class if they are unwell. Your dog cannot attend if not fully vaccinated, in season, or has a contagious illness or parasites, i.e. Kennel Cough or fleas.

What is your vaccination policy?

Our policy is that all dogs attending our classes must be fully vaccinated or have up-to-date titre tests.