All Star Course


This course is designed for dogs that have already completed our Little Learners puppy course and Follow on Course or have had at least one private training session with us. The course is limited to four dogs.



All-Stars aims to build on what you have learned in previous courses and is perfect for anyone looking for new, fun training activities. Whether your dog is a natural at scent work, tricks, or assistance dog tasks, this course will help you to develop their skills. Throughout the course, you will learn how to teach your dog the following:

Week one:

  • Build confidence
  • Trick training
  • Games to play on walks

Week two:

  • Loose lead walking
  • Introduction to assistance dog tasks

Week three:

  • Recall exercises (on and off lead)

Week four:

  • Go to the mat and settle
  • Chill out games
  • Enrichment activities, including scent work

Week five:

  • General manners (out and about), including controlled greeting
  • Group control
  • Manners at doorways

Week six:

  • Health checks
  • Grooming
  • Making handling easier

Week seven:

  •  Progress update
  • Assessments
  • Awards

Additional information


07/07/2024 10 am – 11 am